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How I Transferred Files Between Two PC’s Using Network Cross Cable


I bought a new DELL Vostro 400 PC a few days back. It has 2 GB RAM, 19″ LCD monitor, 16X DVD Writer, 320 GB SATA hard disk, Intel Quad processor, Windows Vista business and Intel network interface card (integrated on motherboard) etc.

I was using an assembled PC before buying the branded Dell Vostro 400. The old assembled P4 PC had my data and was to be transferred to the new Dell PC. The Assembled P4 had Windows XP Professional OS and about 120 GB data (videos, ebooks, pictures, guides, software and personal files) that was to be transferred to the new PC. Both the PC’s had network interface cards. I didn’t had a hub or network switch and hence prepared a network cross cable to connect the PC’s. The wiring details are shown below.

First RJ 45 LAN Connector Second RJ 45 Connector

Pin 1 ————————– Pin 3
Pin 3 ————————– Pin 1
Pin 2 ————————– Pin 6
Pin 6 ————————– Pin 2

I connected the two PC’s – Old assembled and new DELL Vostro 400 using this network cross cable and saw the message “Network Connected” at both the PC’s. This message appeared as “Show network status” option was selected in Network properties of both the PC’s. I gave IP’s to both the PC’s of the same class, i.e., and with the default mask of I didn’t give any gateway as there was no need. I was able to ping from one PC to another. The command used by me in the Run window was ping -t (t option was used for continuous ping).

I also enabled File and printer sharing at the old PC and shared the hard disks (the old PC had three hard disks) without any passwords.

At the new PC, I was able to see the old computer shared hard disks in the Network Neighborhood. In Run window, I also checked by typing and could see the shared hard disks of the old PC at the new PC.

I made folders at new PC to identify the old data and started copying the data in the sizes of 300-400 MB. It took two days to transfer the whole data as I did it for 4-5 hours per day. The maximum throughput I got while the transfer was happening was around 4-5 MB/sec. (32 to 40 Mbit/sec.) though the network cards speed was enabled at 100 Mbit/sec.

The next time, I have such situation of transferring the data from one PC to another, I will explore other options such as using the serial cable or connecting the old PC hard disk/s in the new system. I didn’t try other methods as I found this method of using the network cross cable easier (I didn’t had to open the box or get any special cable) and I was also not in much hurry.

What methods do you use to transfer data from one PC to another?

Let me know.


Rajesh Mago

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