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Tips To Get The Fastest Internet Connection Speed

fast internet connection picture Tips To Get The Fastest Internet Connection Speed

Interesting topic! Well, if you think I am going to tell you some magic tricks to make your internet connection fastest with speed exceeding your ISP speed limit, then don’t read the post icon smile Tips To Get The Fastest Internet Connection Speed But, I am definitely going to share few real working tips from my experience that can help you in having the fastest permissible internet connection taken by you from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

So, here goes the tips to make your Internet connection the fastest:

- Contact Your ISP If You Are Not Getting Allotted  Download Speed For Your Internet Connection

The speed at which you can download (make the data come in to your PC) from your internet connection is the download speed of your internet connection. Suppose, you have bought 1Mb/sec speed connection (One megabit/sec or 1024 Kbit/second connection) then the download speed of your Internet connection theoretically should be 1024/8 = 128 Kbytes/second (1 megabit = 1024 Kbit and 1 byte = 8 bits). Similarly, if you have 2 Mbps internet connection then you can have the maximum download speed of 256 Kbytes/second. Notice the difference when I write the speed of the connection in Kbit/second and the download speed in Kbyte/second. Verifying that you are getting the right download speed bought by you from your ISP, is very important. Well, you use your internet connection for uploading also (transferring from your PC to an online server) but it’s very less compared to downloading of data. Some examples of uploading are attaching a file in email and transferring a video from your PC to To check your internet connection download speed, go to a download site and download a big file in megabytes, example: 52.53 MB of Avast Antivirus (It’s good – Does what is needed + Freeware) using the given link: After few seconds (don’t check immediately, wait for 5-10 seconds), check the speed in your browser. The given screen shot (2nd one) shows the main page for checking the Internet download speed Tips To Get The Fastest Internet Connection Speedoad speed of 106 KB/sec (848 Kb/second) for a 1 Mbit/second (1024 Kbit/sec. connection). You can check the speed of your intern et connection by downloading a big file from some other download site also. You can also use the service of to check the download speed of your internet connection. As it’s automated, you only have to click on "Begin Test" and then wait for few seconds for the script to check the ping (Packet Internet Gopher) response, upload and download speed of your internet connection. test results for MTNL New Delhi 1 Mbps internet connection Tips To Get The Fastest Internet Connection Speed Compared to the manual fi le download method for checking internet connection speed, you cannot choose the size of the file plus you get upload and ping response additionally at I use both the methods – manual download through browser as well as to make sure that I am getting the right download speed according to my maximum download speed for my internet connection. If you have some different browser other than Firefox, then also you will get download somewhere on the browser download screen window. Now, for 1024 Kbit Internet connection, 848 Kbit/second is close to the maximum limit and thus okay. When you are downloading there are some overheads and factors such as server load (site from which you are downloading), time at which you are using the internet connection (at normal work time too many users use the same ISP pipe at the same time) etc. Also, when you are checking your internet connection download speed, make sure you are not doing any of the download in the background otherwise you will get less download speed in the test window. You should contact your ISP if you are always getting less than 80% of your promised download speed after checking at different times in a day. - Make Sure That There Is No Packet Loss To The ISP Gateway Your ISP normally assigns you a gateway IP through which your Internet traffic from your PC is routed to the internet. You should manually do a ping and extended ping (by putting some load with the help of ping command) to the gateway IP and check for the packet loss (should never be more than 2%). ping -t (normal ping) ping -t -l 1024 (extended ping with load of 1024 bytes) If you are getting more than 2% packet loss to the ISP gateway then the download speed will be affected as packets would be getting dropped to/from the Net too. To find out packet loss, press Ctrl+Pause/Break keys with the ping window active. So, contact your ISP if you are having packet loss of more than 2% to the gateway. There can be number of problems behind this such as configuration issues with gateway setup, its cabling issue, weak signal strength, packet collisions or a faulty network card or switch, hub etc. - Make Sure That Your ISP Isn’t Oversubscribing If you are always getting low download speed on your internet connection then you should contact the same ISP users living nearby and confirm their download speeds.If most of the users are having very low download speed issues at the peak time, then the ISP has done over subscription. This can be made clear by an example of an ISP who has only 2 Mb/sec, pipe to the Internet but sells 100 connections promising 1Mb/sec. download speed to each of the user. Now you can easily see what will happen if 10 users try to use their total of 10 Mb/sec. on a mere 2 Mb/sec. ISP internet pipe. If you have the right quality professional ISP, then you should definitely get the promised download speed Internet connection also. Some tips to select the right ISP are: - Use Correct DNS (Domain Name Server) Configure your Internet connection to use the right DNS server, usually given by your ISP. When you browse the Net, DNS translates the entered site name in the browser to the correct IP from its database. The fast the DNS server is in terms of load and reach to your PC, the faster will be the address resolution and the internet browsing. Which ever interface (wired or wireless) of your PC you are using to connect to your ISP, check its properties to verify that the DNS IP is the one that you should be using. - Ensure Your PC Is Fast Having a PC with fast processor, sufficient RAM, defragmented hard disk, fast network interface (one connected to ISP) and no malware infection definitely helps in having increased browsing speed. You can check the following URL’s for making/ensuring your PC is configured to process at fast speed: - Take Right And Faster Internet Connection Matching Your Needs From Your ISP You may laugh at me but sometimes people are not aware of the types of current internet connections and their prices being offered by their ISP. Buy an Internet connection that suits your requirements. Example if your monthly download never ever exceeds 10 GB and you can get 2 Mbps fast internet connection with 10GB monthly download limit compared to 1 Mbps speed connection with unlimited download at the same price then go for the former, i.e. 2 Mbps one. If you can afford the double speed internet connection compared to your present one then go for it as it will save your time and make you more productive. I have given only those tips that have worked for me in my years of online surfing experience! There may be some additional tips that may make your internet connection faster but either they have not worked for me or it has been not tested by me/I am not aware!

Some of the sites claim that users can increase the web browsing speed by using their Web and Download Accelerators. Most of the Web Accelerators (I have used Onspeed and Nitro when I had dialup and both helped) increases the speed by reducing the resolutions of the images being downloaded or serving you cached data that your ISP should normally provide. I have checked Download accelerators also like DAP but didn’t notice any appreciable change in download speeds.

Winsock Rebuilding and Tweaking the Packet Receive Window and Local Network card setting of PC etc. have not worked in my case and thus I don’t recommend them.

There is huge disparity in internet download speeds in different parts of the worlds. In India, presently a home user normally has a  connection of 1 Mbps/ 2Mbps maximum internet speed whereas in South Korea and Japan, it’s normally 15 Mbps or more. Whatever your Internet connection promised maximum download speed is, it makes sense to check and then take actions to get the same prescribed speed on your internet PC that you are paying for!

Hope that these tips help you in troubleshooting low Net throughput and increasing your internet connection speed!

So, if there are some other genuine working tips that have made your Internet connection faster, let me know. Waiting for your comments.

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    6 Responses to “Tips To Get The Fastest Internet Connection Speed”

    Parvesh October 7th, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    Nice article on getting the maximum internet speed from ISP. Recently, due to some ON and OFF cabling issue to the ISP gateway, my PC was having intermittently slow browsing. Thanks for extended ping command. It helped!

    Suraj October 14th, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    The tips to increase the speed of internet connection are great! They helped me in troubleshooting the slow speed problem of my internet connection by using DNS entries which were not there earlier.

    reckon November 20th, 2010 at 11:02 am

    no comment..nice article..

    John February 11th, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    Another way is to use Internet Cyclone that will optimize automatically and increases the internet speed.

    It can be downloaded from

    Facebook Hack Tricks May 17th, 2011 at 5:21 pm

    Nice tips… thanks for sharing

    opdogra June 21st, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    Good article. Purely technical and logical. Helps you in taking a second look at connection problems.

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