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Tips For Protecting Your Children Online Privacy

Safeguarding your children’s online privacy is the most important reason to be knowing the steps needed to prevent issues with privacy invasion. While children are not necessarily victims of identity theft they are however susceptible to becoming easy targets of more horror full crimes starting with the perpetrator learning the identity of your child.

Understanding how chat rooms and email function can assist parents guide children to be safe online. While there are many programs (CyberPatrol Tips For Protecting Your Children Online Privacyetc.) and ways (browser history etc.) you can use to track the online activity of your children, it is most important to make them aware about the dangers of chatting online when you don’t know who they are communicating with.

Take matching precautions when your child has a mobile phone or way to use text messaging service.  Advise your children not to leave their real name, address, contact number or other personal information like the school they are studying in as it can be potentially dangerous if the wrong person decides to get in contact with them. Be open with your children and frankly and carefully explain how unsafe can the chat rooms and forums be. Make them realize without terrifying them that though the forums or chat rooms meant for children are supposed to be for children there are possibly adults pretending to be children in order to take advantage of them.

Open up with your children and explain them that there are bad people too who can pretend to be children but are pedophiles who can trouble them by taking their confidential details.

Make some strict rules which must be followed by your children online. Some of these controls that they should observe online are:

- NEVER give out your real name, complete address, correct telephone number or post picture.

- NEVER let children agree to meet someone they met online without taking yours (parent’s) approval.

- NEVER disclose your personal details online as it is a public area and anyone can misuse it.

- REFUSE to enter a private chat room. These rooms are closed off to the public and your child may be enticed in by an adult (having fake children profile) trying to induce them to have sex with them.

- ENCOURAGE them to tell you everyday in short what goes on online when they browse.

- LIMIT the amount of time they spend online everyday. Just as you would track who they spend time with after school or what TV programs they see – you want them to feel easy telling you about their online friends.

I am sure these basic tips if followed would surely help your children protect their online privacy easily. All the best!


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