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Tips For Maintaining The Right Email Etiquettes Or Email Manners On The Internet – Part 1

Email Etiquettes Tips For Maintaining The Right Email Etiquettes Or Email Manners On The Internet   Part 1


Manners are really important in life – personal as well as business, and when it comes to online world, email etiquettes or email manners are really vital for having successful personal and business relations.

One can easily ruin his/her relations with friends, relatives and clients by writing nasty emails when one is not in right mood. Bad emailing habits can cause a lot of harm. In business correspondence, it pays to know the right email
etiquettes – formatting the text, not writing in caps, replying with history and using the right title for addressing the recipient etc.

This post covers some of the tips to follow when emailing from yours online PC. All these tips come from my personal freelancing and professional industry experience of corresponding through emails – low cost and yet very effective way of online communication.

So here are some of the tips for becoming an excellent Email Etiquette person:

1. Always Be Cool And Relaxed

When writing emails, you must be relaxed and in cool frame of mind. I know that sometimes things get flared up and you are not at fault at all, but in these situations, getting angry doesn’t help at all. Sometimes, the remote party has their own genuine problems (staff not available, computers down due to problems, concerned person on long leave) in addition to human misunderstanding, miscommunication and a slight error that may cause things to flare up.

Examples of some situations that may flare one up: too many revision requests for a writing project without any logic or fault, asking one to do a work that was not part of the project, not responding to emails, receiving a delayed cheque after two months and that too with wrong payee name and lower payment (different than what was agreed clearly violating the agreement).

In such cases, you must think of the consequences and placing yourself in remote person shoes before writing an email angrily. Writing of flared up emails doesn’t solve but worsen the situation only. So, you must be calm and composed when emailing from your computer. If you are not able to do so, talk to someone whom you trust and take his/her advice or just delays the things for few hours (draft the email but do not send) and think over it. Hopefully, after few hours, when you get cool, write a polite but firm email putting your points to the remote party. Some times, if possible call up the person and speak to him/her as sometimes things can be better explained on the phone instead over email.

2.Write A Brief Subject That Summarizes The Topic Or Makes Sense To The Recipient

Most of the email servers as far as I know are designed to show only 25-35 characters in the subject. So, one must try to write an effective subject that makes complete sense to the recipient and makes him/her read the email (for first time electronic mail communication).

Also consider sending an application for a job by email where the employer has specifically asked for experience, skill set and location in the subject. If that details are missing, the prospective Employer may not give any respect to your application.

3. Use Proper Salutation In Official And Personal Correspondence

Pay respect to the person with whom you are corresponding by using the right salutation – Dear Sir, Dear Ma’am, Dear Mr. Mago, Dear Ms. Bhatnagar or even Hello or Hi and Dear friend name etc. Writing official or personal emails without any salutation hurts and may certainly cause you loss in business or relations. In the end also, use Yours sincerely or Best regards or something else that suits the situation, for example – Bye, Take care in the official and personal correspondence respectively.

It’s best to follow the salutation rules strictly in official correspondence.

In personal communication, these rules may be slightly altered or violated depending on your relation
with the recipient icon wink Tips For Maintaining The Right Email Etiquettes Or Email Manners On The Internet   Part 1

4. Do Not Write In All CAPS

Have you ever read an email or blog post or online content that is all shown in CAPITALS? I am sure you must have found it very difficult to read and felt pissed off also at the person who did so.

Writing in full CAPS is considered shouting and indecent when emailing. It also looks awkward and difficult to read emails that are written in all CAPS. Don’t do it at all, otherwise the results can be really bad.

Even when I was new to the emailing world, I never emailed somebody in all CAPS. Some people may do it by mistake or purposefully when they want to attract attention to their matter.

Writing in CAPS in email according to me gives a really bad impression of the sender and I in such cases would not deal with him/her in future whatever the situation was – even some mistake at my end. The attention can also be attracted by putting the text in bold or in some other color so why type in CAPS.

Well, there are more tips in my secret tips box for maintaining the email manners or email etiquettes on the Net and I would let you know the remaining ones in my next post icon smile Tips For Maintaining The Right Email Etiquettes Or Email Manners On The Internet   Part 1

Till then good bye

Oh! I love your comments so don’t hesitate to write something about this post of mine.

Rajesh Mago

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6 Responses to “Tips For Maintaining The Right Email Etiquettes Or Email Manners On The Internet – Part 1”

Nicholas | February 3rd, 2009 at 11:00 am

awesome Post, Really good :-) Btw I am running a contest in my blog, Will Be very Glad if you’re part of it. Thanks!.

rajeshmago February 4th, 2009 at 3:12 am

@Nicholas | Thanks for your praise! I subscribed to your blog and now looking forward to winning the prize :grin: BTW – I have never won any contest based only on luck factor. Would be glad to an exception this time ;)

Ajith Edassery February 4th, 2009 at 1:48 pm

Very basic tips but most important ones for daily consumption. Another thing I am noticing these days is the ‘casual’ nature of even those official mails – especially from youngsters. Many seem to be forgetting good English and using a lot of SMS lingo in mails.


rajeshmago February 4th, 2009 at 11:22 pm

@Ajith Edassery: Thanks for sharing your views about email etiquettes. Yes, the tips are basic ones but from my experience, I have seen people who still find it difficult to follow these simple tips in real world. They immediately write nasty emails assuming lot of things themselves without any clarifications and then apologize later when the picture becomes clearer.

I am also not a completely perfect guy in emailing perspective (find difficult to comply with point 1st), but I keep on learning and improving, a part of my life :)

According to me, today’s world is fast and more about style and therefore youngster’s electronic communication reflects the same. Personally, as far as these messages make complete sense to me, I don’t mind their style :)

Niche Marketing February 6th, 2009 at 6:55 pm

Glad I found this site – I’m finding the content very useful – thanks!

r.Kuppuraj June 7th, 2009 at 11:18 am

Nice tips

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