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Real, Expert, Tested Tips To Make Your PC/Computer Truly Faster – Part 1


This is going to be a post after a long time as I have been very busy due to some endless urgent personal work. I should have continued writing but really couldn’t find time.

Ok, coming back to the topic of making PC (Personal Computer) faster, it’s a common problem for all of us. Right? It holds valid for old computers bought few years’ back and the new ones bought recently with Intel’s Dual Core, Core 2, Quad Core and AMD Athlon 64 etc. processors. When the PC is new, it runs fast but after few days of usage, the same PC appears slow. What happens over a period of time?

I will try to answer these queries and help you in making your PC faster. The term “faster” is relative and largely dependant on your Computer processor, RAM, video RAM, hard disk and motherboard architecture. Besides PC hardware stuff, there are other factors such as free available memory and hard disk space, programs loaded, configuration settings and whether the system is uninfected (free from viruses and spyware etc.) that also matters in terms of your PC overall working speed.

To begin with, here are some of the basic tips to make your PC faster:

Virus Free

Check that your Computer is not infected with virus. Virus can cause crucial data loss resulting in wastage of man-hours. Virus is designed to cause malfunction by getting loaded in the memory and causing corruption of crucial files and data. A PC infected with virus will run slower and might show funny errors and behave erratically. Use some popular anti virus SW’s (free or paid) to scan your PC. The anti virus will need to be regularly updated to prevent, check for and remove new viruses. Some people develop viruses and some others develop vaccines to make money. It’s a market to make money. But, don’t let your PC suffer because of this. Scan your PC regularly when it’s free and keep yours anti virus updated. Whether you are online doing surfing or offline copying files from others, you must make habit of checking your PC regularly for viruses. You can try AVG Free Edition that is absolutely free for personal use (no trials). It can be downloaded from:

Spyware Free

Spyware is a program that spies your PC and transmits your confidential information to the hacker. When a PC is infected with spyware, there are lot of popup and advertisements, which makes your system busy and slow. Spyware is installed by the means of downloaded files (mostly from porn and cracks sites) and online scripts without user being aware of it. Spyware tracks the sites visited by the user and keystrokes etc. and is thus very dangerous. Spyware gets installed due to poor security settings in the browser. So it’s really important to make sure
that your PC is not infected with any of the spyware. It also needs to be updated. One good and free anti spyware (no trials) from the many available is Ad-Aware 2007. It can be downloaded from -

Defragging your Hard Disk

Over a period of time after the files are stored on hard disk, they become scattered and spread randomly due to adding, editing and deleting. This makes them located at different sectors on tracks instead of being spread contiguously in adjacent sectors. Thus when you load a program or file, the hard disk heads have to do a lot of hard work in going to different tracks to find and load the data in the memory. When you defrag these files, they get stored contiguously adjacent to each other. Hence if you are not defragging your hard disk once in few months then the PC is definitely going to become slow. To defragment hard disk, use Windows Disk Defragmenter tool located in Start (Click) –> Programs –> Accessories –> System Tools (in MS Windows XP). For other Microsoft Windows version, check the help file to locate Defragger. Use it when you can spare your PC for several hours as defragmentation process is slow and might take hours depending on your hard disk size, amount of data on it, the system speed and how much the files are scattered.

I will tell you some more tips to make your PC faster in the next part of this series.

Till then, try these out and let me know your feedback!

Take care,

Your friend,

Rajesh Mago

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4 Responses to “Real, Expert, Tested Tips To Make Your PC/Computer Truly Faster – Part 1”

Govind April 12th, 2008 at 10:59 pm

Hi Rajesh,

The tips are really good specially the Defragging one. I had not defragged my hard disk ever since so many years. After reading this post, I am doing it now. Hope that it makes my PC faster.

Looking for the more tips in continuation to this one for this series.

Thanks a lot!


hackyourlife September 7th, 2008 at 9:35 am

don’t use the default defrag that come with XP. Too Slow. Get commercial one like O&O Defrag.

rajeshmago September 7th, 2008 at 12:19 pm


Thanks for your comment of finding the commercial O&O hard disk defragger faster than in built Windows disk defragger.

I agree with you after checking reviews of the users.

For readers:

The download link of O&O hard disk Defragger 2000 (freeware, not commercial) which is also faster than Windows HD defragger is:

And, if you want to go through its description, then it’s at:

I have downloaded the file, installed it in Microsoft Vista Business using administrator account and found it working fine. If you have Vista OS then run the setup file in XP compatibility mode and do read the instructions very carefully when installing it. My advice would be to let both Windows inbuilt Defragger and O&O Defragger installed in your system. Don’t let O&O be your default hard disk Defragger unless you check its results yourself and find it better than the Windows one.

Happy hard disk defragging thru O&O!

Sam March 21st, 2011 at 11:25 am

The tip of defragging hard disk to make computer faster was not known to me. I tried it and it really made my PC faster. Thanks!

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