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Saving PC Power by Switching Off Monitor When Not in Use


This might look to be a very small tip but it’s useful in terms of saving your power bills if used frequently. Switch off your PC monitor if it’s not going to be used for few minutes to hours. Most of the people might be ignoring this as they have screen savers configured on their PC’s that start appearing on their PC monitors in case of inactivity. My advice would be to switch off your monitor if you are not going to use your monitor for even few minutes. An example would be going for your food break after starting a download in your download SW. Making your monitor power off will only cut the power to your monitor and will not anyway effect the other PC functions at all. This will increase the life of your monitor and save you money too.

PC user who has screensaver with password configured for security reasons can also switch off his/her monitor to conserve more power. When you switch ON the monitor (on a PC with screensaver configured, monitor off and PC ON to conserve power), you will still be prompted for a screensaver password. In cases, where you are doing so and are not at your seat, put a post it message that your “PC is ON with monitor off” otherwise someone interested in using your PC may accidentally switch if off, actually trying to make it ON, without seeing the PC’s power LED status (ON and lit).

Switching off a monitor has nothing to do with the other parts of the computer, you are only not allowing power to enter the monitor circuitry and this in no way affects the functioning of your computer. I am clarifying this as some people think switching off the monitor may affect the normal functioning of your PC, which is not true.

PC monitor being powered off Saving PC Power by Switching Off Monitor When Not in Use
Monitor being powered off

PC monitor powered off with PC running Saving PC Power by Switching Off Monitor When Not in Use
Monitor turned off to save power with PC running

Electricity Saved is Electricity Produced and every small bit counts. I hope that using this tip would bring smile to both – you and your monitor. We must contribute to power savings for our sake as well as world sake.

Happy Power Saving!

Rajesh Mago

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2 Responses to “Saving PC Power by Switching Off Monitor When Not in Use”

Rakesh December 23rd, 2007 at 6:22 am

Hi Rajesh,

Small but good tip. My desktop PC is configured to show screensavers in case of no activity for 10 minutes.

I will now rather switch off my monitor if I don’t need it for few minutes.



Sonika December 23rd, 2007 at 6:39 am

Hi Rajesh,
Good to see the blog up and running.

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