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Review of DELL Vostro 400 Computer Support in New Delhi, India


Few months back, well to be exact – in the end of March, 2008, I had purchased DELL Vostro 400 PC with the configuration as given in the post at:

I had taken 2 years extended warranty in addition to the 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer, i.e., – DELL, making it a total of 3 years warranty on my DELL Vostro 400 computer.

I always wondered what will happen if the PC develops some hardware problem that needs cure from DELL. Recently, I had a chance to take support from DELL Bangalore as my PC had an intermittent problem of Power LED remaining consistently Amber when it was powered ON in the morning after few hours of non usage (greater than 5 hours). Once it got ON (after consistently powering it ON again and again), it used to work fine unless it was switched OFF and then used after few hours. Also, once it powered ON successfully (with display and POST execution) and booted, it  used to work fine and there were no errors in the OS – Windows Vista Business. I tried my best to solve the intermittent problem of “Power LED remaining Amber” myself by checking the resources – manual, Internet etc. but couldn’t troubleshoot it in 3-4 days. Iwill write the more technical details about this problem soon in my post in the troubleshooting category.

Since this is a post in personal category, I won’t go much in technical details. I wanted to let you know that I had a good overall experience of reporting this problem to DELL Bangalore at their toll free number: 1-800-425-4051 and then getting it troubleshooted from their Call Centre  (DELL – Bangalore) and on site Engineers (from Wipro Infotech – Delhi).

The total time taken to solve the problem was 48 hours and the overall coordination among themselves (DELL offsite voice support, complaint logging, part request, part dispatch, part receiving at Delhi, call coordination from Wipro Infotech for fixing the call attending time, coming of technical engineer, part packaging, part handling, troubleshooting, part change and taking the feedback after two days of the closure of call) was very good.

Still I found that DELL can still do improvement in this complete support cycle process and from a customer point of view, I gave them the following feedback in their survey (in brief):

1. The time estimate given by the DELL Bangalore off site Engineer for completing the diagnostic test (complete and selective) far exceeded the true time estimates that took at my computer. I was told that the complete diagnostic test will take 45 minutes and selective about 30 minutes whereas it took 3 hours each for both tests. Thus DELL must look into giving the right estimates for the computer troubleshooting tests depending upon the user’s computer configuration.

2. There was no need of conducting the surface scan test of the hard disk for a system having Powering ON (no display and non booting issue). DELL must see how their remote support telephonic support Engineers can understand the customer PC problems better and tell them only the appropriate tests that needs to be conducted.

3. The troubleshooting done by DELL Bangalore Engineers was not of Expert level as they advised me of getting the SMPS and memory changed whereas the problem of Power On LED remaining Amber (Intermittent) was solved by the onsite Wipro Engineer by changing the motherboard. None of the Dell support Engineers (off site) was able to foresee that the problem could be with the motherboard. This resulted in one extra day on closing the call as request for dispatch of motherboard had to be made after changing the SMPS and finding that the problem of Power ON LED remaining Amber is still persisting.

Wipro Infotech’s Engineer did some tests to reach to the conclusion that the motherboard has some intermittent issues resulting in Power ON switch LED remaining Amber sometimes. I will let you know these basic tests in my technical post on this problem.

4. I also noticed that the two Wipro Infotech Engineers representing DELL, need to be more professional in terms of their English conversation skills and attire. However, I was satisfied with their technical knowledge and the quality of work.

I would rate the overall DELL technical support (offsite – telephonic and onsite) as 8 out of 10, which is very good.

So, from my experience, written in this post, it is clear that DELL offers good support in New Delhi, India. I hope that with this review of DELL desktop computer support by me, all of my friends who have DELL PC’s and have never taken DELL technical support so far can feel assured that DELL really takes care of their customers. After all, which good company doesn’t want repeat clients and nice word of mouth publicity ?

Let me know about your experiences of DELL computer support – Excellent, very good, good, bad or worse or may be some other grade?

I look forward to your comments.


Rajesh Mago

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