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Expert Tips On How To Get Better Organized On Your Computer

May 6th, 2012 / No Comments » / by rajeshmago

Get Better Organized! There’s a lot to accomplish and there is such a small amount of time on your computer. Time is precious, there’s no way to stop it, only waste it.


Allow me to share seven major tips to guide you to stay organized on your PC:

Practice the C.O.P.E. Procedure

Capitalize on the capability of everyone to be of some help, Organize your work space for healthy computing, Prioritize tasks which are important, urgent, both or neither, and Energize yourself by getting tons of rest, ingesting every one of the right things and exercising regularly. An ample amount of mini breaks, exercise on and off the computer, and staying targeted will put to a sense of continuous well-being.

Take A Bit Of Time To Remove Distractions And Problems

Install a firewall on your computer, or will have one installed (Windows XP has one but it’s switched off naturally, there also are better ones around) to have your PC invisible to hackers and intruders. Add mail filtering program to cut right down on junk email and SPAM. (You can find free and paid-for editions of both, search on the Net and focus on the reviews and customers’ comments). Don’t open attachments or links in emails from unknown senders. Even explore warnings of dangers on virus hoax sites. Look for bug fixes and upgrades with the software – it will normally come free.

This way you are increasing the probability of your computer being down for less time!

Make Quick Notes

As there are a lot of different tasks on any given day, why should you attempt to keep every little detail in your own brain’s memory bank? Use an online software memo pad. Download freeware that’ll let one perform pop-up or ‘Post-It’ note on your PC’s screen. You may find the software shall also retain your notes available in one folder. Whenever you recall, something needs to be done, the best task to do is to note that down or type it down. Then, as soon as you need to recall it, it will be there for you in a second. Or, put sticky notes on sides of your display monitor – but throw them in bin when they are done!

Remove Mess

Many individuals say that one of their most loved thing when they are in tension is to clean! Difficult to imagine? Yes! Well, it truly is certainly correct! Cleaning gives satisfaction, order and a good way to do something useful yourself, even if you only perform a little at any given time. Tidy your working desk, clean out store or remove dead or extra information from the PC. Execute a regularly run program that removes dead links, duplicate files and empty folders, spyware, removes or blocks viruses along with intruders, and cleans and defragment your hard disk to improve PC speed. The vast majority of this can be timed to operate automatically or when you aren’t there on your personal computer, i.e., PC staying clear. Oh! Removing junk from PC and doing maintenance tasks on your computer is going to make it work better too!

Organize Future Precautions

There are many good and free e-mail reminder services available. You are able to write and save an important alert what you want to recall, for instance a welcome party, anniversary or party, and you will receive an e-mail reminder in the event the date is approaching. This is a fantastic way to utilize Internet to be a memory jogger and being loved by people.

Use Timers And Alarms

Cash in on alarm clocks and timers through out your day to remain organized at your work. Need to possess a report ready by 1 noon? Set your pop-up PC Alarm Clock to be a memory jogger to remind you. Wish to leave for an anniversary meal by 8:30 p.m.? Set your offline timer to beep a few moments before it’s time to start to remove and get ready.

Use Visual Memory Joggers

Visual reminders might help you remember and thus stay more focused. Use visual reminders for remembering your goals better. Should your goal be to take a journey to Sweden in a couple of years, keep a magazine photograph of Ireland directly on your desk. If your goal is usually to lose 40 lbs. in half of an year, find a picture or ornament that may help remind you of this goal daily.


Try to manage yourself better using online and offline tools including your PC and its desk! I am sure if you try the above tips, they will surely help you in better organisation of things! These tips will also increase your productivity as you will get more free time for doing more useful stuff!

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