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Not To Be Missed Notebook Buying Tips

Notebook computers have definitely become very popular. It has been predicted that notebook PC’s sales has went up to an average of 20% per year in the United States only.  Notebooks have certainly become a must have item required by mobile users who want to use easy portable computers while traveling. Notebooks are used for public, private, personal or professional purposes. Its portability and small size makes it an attractive all around computer hardware item.

Among the many attractive points it offers, portability is one of the main reason behind people buying it. However before you purchase a notebook there are certainly other features in addition to portability that you must ponder.

Well, there is not much difference in a notebook and laptop and sometimes they both are used to refer to a single thing. But, technically, notebooks are meant to be slim and light weight at the expense of little less features compared to laptops. Notebooks have less processing power, low storage, may or may not come with DVD and will generally have less resolution translating to less video RAM and video circuitry.

The points that you should definitely think of when buying a new notebook are:

Notebook Budget And The Matching Price

You must set your budget for notebook before you go shopping for it. Generally the faster and the best display notebooks are costlier.

Depending on your profession – student, business man or retired, set off your budget before you begin looking for notebooks so that you do not end up regretting later on spending more than your pocket allowed.


The faster the notebook the more productive you would be! So, one very big factor when buying a notebook is to checkout its performance and have demo of it. Notebooks provide very close performance in comparison with traditional desktop computers, and should handle all computer related tasks with great ease.

Coming back, whenever purchasing a notebook, make sure it has the latest processor model, large RAM (memory) and hard disk space. Notebook performance is directly related with CPU clock, RAM memory and hard disk space and hard disk speed. For these items, big is never enough as the technology changes too quickly. 

Hard Disk Space and Its Speed

The more the hard disk space you have on your prospective notebook better it is as you won’t be worrying about where to store your data after few months. Some application software with lots of features (Photoshop and gaming software etc.), pictures and video files take up lots of space on hard disk.

Also, check out the RPM (Revolution Per Minute), i.e., speed of the hard disk in notebook. The more the RPM, faster should be the hard disk.


Notebook was first there in the market in the beginning of eighties. But, they were not so light as they are today, they were very heavy and big in size as compared to today’s notebook computers.

Notebook dimensions has got much smaller, however big enough to make one feel very comfortable in handling and operating computer related work.

One can find notebook in sizes with categories categorized as:

i) Tablet PC has the size of paper tablet and weighs not greater than four pounds. It has a screen where digital pen can be used. Keyboard and mouse are not needed in a tablet PC.

ii) Ultra Portable is a little bigger than Tablet PC and weighs around 4 pounds. It has no internal CD or DVD drive and has display of 12 inches or less.

iii). Thin and Light weight is a middle size notebook, around 10 inch – 14 inch x 10 inch, 1 to 1.5 cm thick, and has weight of around  seven pounds, wireless network ability, 14 inch display and combo CD-RW/DVD.

iv). Desktop replacement is the greatest category of notebooks, more than 12 inch x 10 inch and has weight of more than seven pounds, 15 – 17 inches displays or more, wireless network ability, combo CD-RW/DVD.

So, consider size to be a big factor when deciding a notebook. The smaller the size and more the features in it, more will be its cost.

Availability of Licensed System Software

Depending on notebook model, some of the Notebook Resellers give free system software such as Microsoft DOS or free flavor of Linux operating system to keep the price of notebook low.

Kindly check if you are getting the licensed copy of the OS (paid) that you need, also check the availability of serial key (need to be entered if you install the operating system again) with the DVD (which have the operating system – OS).


The less the size the less should normally be the weight of the notebook. Check the datasheet of the notebook for finding the weight of the notebook that you are considering to buy.

If you are not a heavy weightlifter and not a frequent traveler then you can definitely degrade the weight of the notebook to a lower priority.

Availability of DVD player

Another feature one should check out is the DVD player. It can be useful for entertainment purposes, enabling one to watch videos and movies while traveling.

Availability of Wireless Connection

Wireless connection is also a feature that you must check for in a notebook. Some notebooks feature an infrared port, which can be used to connect a mobile phone. Also there are other wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which allows mobile phone, printers and PDA to be connected at certified public and private network. The ability to have a wireless connection in notebook is definitely a plus in today’s connected world.

Ability To Upgrade The Hardware

Expansion capability for notebooks can be done through the use of plugin PC cards. Although there is a new standard called ExpressCard, which is smaller and faster plug-in card that provides more features for multimedia tasks.

Battery Backup Lasting Time

If you plan to use notebook without mains for longer times, checkout and go for notebook whose battery provided power for maximum duration.

Ports For Connecting External Devices

The notebook must have external ports to connect keyboard, mouse and printer etc. if needed ever.

Docking Ability

If you prefer to use a desktop computer at office and a notebook at residence for official work and want both of them to be in synchronized with each other, go for a notebook that can be docked to a desktop with docking ports in it.

Compatibility With Existing Application Software

Sometimes we use non standard in-house application software which may not work on all types of computers. So, if you plan to use any such application software on your notebook then do not forget to check this out before you pay for the notebook.

Terms of Warranty And Type Of Support

Some of the Notebook manufacturers provide more than one year warranty, i.e., written promise to repair or replace the problematic part while some offer two or more years of warranty to promote sales. Balance this with the above factors and try to get more warranty.

Also, the first contact for support is normally phone/chat/email and if the problem is not sorted out then either the Support Technician/Engineer comes at your place or you have to take computer to the Company for repair.

So, the better option is to get technical support for your notebook at your home/office instead of you carrying it to the Company Service Center. So, clarify if the support is onsite or offsite – at Service Center only.

Free Or Paid Notebook Bag

Some of notebook resellers may charge you for a notebook carry bag separately. So, make sure that you are going to get the carry bag for Free!

Few of the Notebook Resellers will provide a crappy carry bag which will be not very sturdy, will have poor quality leather and less pockets. So make sure that you are getting the right quality carry bag for your notebook. Also, look for good quality shoulder padding which doesn’t hurt your shoulders when you are carrying a heavy notebook and other accessories (can be external mouse, external keyboard, power adapter).

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