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Learn From My Experience And Save Your Time In Choosing The Right WordPress Theme!


Themes or templates are the group of files that gives look and overall structure to your site – the background, the top (header), the bottom (footer), sidebar (left and right), font type, font color, number of columns, RSS box, email subscription box, photo box etc. of your site or blog. A theme is the stem or base of the blog or site and gives a visual appearance and usability of various features to the site visitor.

I recently changed the theme of my WordPress blog to Firebug to make it more professional looking and addition of more features. I spent a lot of hours in choosing the right theme after blogging for months and managing somehow with Gangway theme.

Gangway Theme Used At Pctipstricksdotcom Previously Learn From My Experience And Save Your Time In Choosing The Right Wordpress Theme!

Firebug Theme Used Presently At Pctipstricksdotcom Learn From My Experience And Save Your Time In Choosing The Right Wordpress Theme!

If you are looking for a theme for your WordPress blog, then you can learn from my experience. So, here goes the tips for choosing the right one:

1. Choose A Professional Theme That Suits Your Blog Or Site Personality

Try choosing a theme that suits your blog type, example – choose a video type theme for video blog, news theme for news types of sites and so on.

I couldn’t find a good free theme as per my liking specifically with computers pictures and features for my blog –

While selecting the best theme for your blog, make sure that the background and font color and its size etc. is nice and the overall look of the theme is appealing. It should neither be too small nor too big not to properly fit the browser window in normal browser resolutions of 1024×768.

2. Try Finding A Free Theme And Make Sure It’s Bug Free!

I found a lot of good themes for free by using “Free WordPress themes”, “Free premium WordPress theme”, “Creative Common Licensed Theme” and “GPL WordPress themes” in search engine. You can use the same and some other matching keywords (no cost, best public domain etc.) to have a look at the ones that comes from the search results.

Personal and small company bloggers can definitely manage their blog with these free themes saving them money. The point one should not forget while choosing one of the free theme there mustn’t be any/too many bugs in it. The comments at the developer site will show you how stable and good the theme is. If the developer is not fixing the bugs reported by the people and people are cribbing about it, then there is no point in going for that theme. Or, if you like that theme the most, you can download and fix it – either yourself or from a programmer by posting the project at freelancing sites.

3. Go For A Three Column or May Be Four Column Widgetised Theme

Choosing a theme with more columns gives you more flexibility in making changes in the structure of your blog like putting more features in it such as ads, banners, translator, top posts, number of feed subscribers, email subscribers count, top commentators etc.

Don’t forget to choose a widgetised theme that lets you add these new features by drag and drop making the features addition process easier.

By having a widgetised theme, you can easily enhance the appearance of your blog by placing code of images and flash etc. and thus the customisation process is easier.

Making a non-widgetised theme widgetised is easy and can be done by placing 3 lines of code but yet I prefer to have a widgetised theme given by the designer. Who wants to fiddle with the php code and spend time in testing and confirming the execution of code if ready made widgetized templates are available? I made Gangway theme widgetised but had problems with addition of features and thus would  now always go for a theme that is already widgetised by its developer.

4. Make Sure That RSS Icon and Email Subscription Boxes Are Available

RSS And Email Subscription boxes In Firebug Theme Learn From My Experience And Save Your Time In Choosing The Right Wordpress Theme!

If you don’t want to loose your valuable visitors at your blog/site, then choose a theme that has inbuilt RSS (Real Simple Syndication) and Email subscription boxes in it. I don’t see any point in searching and putting these features later on. Adding RSS icon, RSS box and Email subscription boxes from the very beginning increases your probability of getting more subscribers in your RSS and Email subscriptions database. Visitors and prospective customers are valuable and don’t let them go easily without giving them the option of getting updates of your blog/site through RSS or Email or both.

5. Don’t Forget Making Money By Ads and Banner Boxes

Does it hurt to loose money by not choosing a theme that has place for putting ads and banners (of size 125×125 and more) at your blog? Yes, if you are working hard to bring traffic to your blog by writing good content and making efforts in promoting it.

Don’t wait for the increase of visitors to reach 500 per day (just an example), put these Ads and banners or widgets etc. from the very start as there is no harm in putting them. They can only make you money and who doesn’t love the cash? I didn’t put the ads and banners (Oh! my theme wasn’t having the place to do so and I always felt that I will do it later and never did and I lost money). But I upgraded the theme lately in this process to have these features.

Personally, I like themes that already have the inbuilt slots/provision for About Me, Search bar, Picture, Archives and Recent Posts on the front page.

Some of the free themes in alphabetical order that I really found good and were in competition to the present Firebug theme at my blog are:

- BizFresh

- Blogging Experiment

- Iphone Theme

- True Elegance (has place for video and google ads)

- WordPress Vibrant

You will be able to find the download links of these free WordPress themes by searching with their names given above.

Let me now if these tips helped you anyway in selecting the right theme for your blog. If you have more suggestions for choosing the right theme or template – free one, don’t forget to share it over here.


Rajesh Mago

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4 Responses to “Learn From My Experience And Save Your Time In Choosing The Right WordPress Theme!”

Serenia February 27th, 2009 at 6:10 pm

Hmm, very cognitive post.
Is this theme good enough for the Digg?

rajeshmago February 27th, 2009 at 9:06 pm

@ Serenia: Yes, according to me, my post on firebug theme (that is presently used at and tips for choosing the right WP theme is worth being digged at :) If you also think the same, then kindly digg it. Anyway, thanks for finding the post thoughtful and full of knowledge.

Roger | Save Money Tips March 11th, 2009 at 7:18 pm

I think it is not difficult to find a lot of free themes but it is difficult to find even one which can be perfect for our needs. I have tried a lot to find one but I was failed. I then learned a little and changes third column as content column. I needed to have all the navigation in one column and content in other two. Thanks for your tips though.

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