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Keeping PC Powered From a Phase, Separate From Heavy Electrical Appliances


This is a small but highly useful tip that comes from my own experience of having sudden PC power down issue, because it was connected to the same line as of AC (Air Conditioner). My AC is a of 1.5 ton and has a watt rating of 1850 watts.

Whenever the power went, and the AC was ON, my UPS didn’t give backup to the PC; it simply tripped. And, yes, when the AC was not ON, the UPS successfully gave the power to the PC in case of mains failure. I wonder why I didn’t notice this problem earlier. This was because I had shifted my PC to the new room few months back in winters and that time my AC was not used at all.

I called Electrician and got the PC connected from a different mains line than my Air Conditioner. Initially, the wires that were fetching current to the AC were in parallel to the board feeding power to my Computer.

Now, after this change of power to the PC, even if the AC and PC are ON at same time and the power goes, my UPS gives backup to my PC and doesn’t trip.

So, make sure that your Computer gets power separate from the heavy current drawing appliances – microwave, geysers, electric iron and refrigerator etc. It is highly advised to give stable power (free from spikes and surges) to your costly and useful machine, i.e, – Computer.

Hope that this tip helps some of my friends. If you are having problem of your PC getting powered off in case of mains failure despite connected to a UPS, make sure that your PC is not in the same phase as of the heavy electrical appliance.

I will write some of more tips related to supplying proper clean power to your PC.

Take care,

Rajesh Mago

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