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How To Clean Or Clear Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Browser Cache


In my previous post, I covered the way to clear Firefox 3.0.7 browser cache. As Microsoft Internet Explorer (MS IE in short), is also used by a good number of surfers, I decided to write the steps for clearing the MS IE cache, version – 7, there on my PC.

The basics of cache and why it needs cleaning can be found at my previous post:

In short, browser cache is the temporary space on your hard disk for storing web files so that your browser doesn’t have to fetch them again and again from the online site.

The two big reasons for clearing your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser cache normally are: – Creating space on your hard disk (how much space will be freed after clearing the cache will depend on how much has been set by you, the recommended and default cache space set is 50 MB) – Present site in the address bar not getting displayed properly (broken images and old content etc. due to cache stored at the time when the site had problems or there were connectivity issues). The steps for clearing the MS IE 7 browser cache are (Don’t expect the word cache as available in Firefox, to be found in IE, instead look for Temporary Internet Files): 1. Open MS IE 7 browser. With MS IE 7 open in the current window, click on the Tools menu and then click on Internet Options (screenshot shows the Tools menu and click being made on Internet Options). MS IE 7 Tools menu and Internet Options location How To Clean Or Clear Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Browser Cache 2. A window titled “Internet Options” appears. By default, the General tab (first rectangular button) is selected. Under "Browsing history" click on "Delete…" MS IE 7 Internet Options General Browsing history Delete How To Clean Or Clear Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Browser Cache 3. In the new window, titled “Delete Browsing History”, click “Delete Files…” opposite to the Temporary Internet Files category. MS IE7 Delete Temporary Internet Files in Delete Browsing History How To Clean Or Clear Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Browser Cache 4. A small window titled “Delete Files” appears requiring confirmation from you regarding deleting of Temporary Internet Files, Click on Yes. MS IE 7 Delete all temporary Internet Explorer files prompt How To Clean Or Clear Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Browser Cache 5. Depending on the size of your MS IE 7 browser cache on your PC, it may take a second or few seconds to delete the cache. After the cache has been deleted (you may get an automatic screen showing that the cache files are deleted – only if cache files are large), close the respective MS IE 7 windows, i.e., “Delete Browsing History” and “Internet Options” by clicking on Close and OK respectively.

By completing the above steps, you would be able to clear or clean the cache (Temporary Internet Files – In Microsoft IE language). This means that you now won’t have any web pages stored in the Microsoft IE cache folder on your hard disk.

Now load the page with the valid URL in the address bar of Microsoft Internet Explorer (MS IE) 7  browser and a page with the current updated content (as of the time of loading of the page) would be served by the respective site. Probably, if the problem of broken pages display was due to issues with your PC’s MS IE 7 browser local cache, then now you will have proper images on the page displayed by MS IE 7.

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