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HostGator Hosting – Is It Really Worth? – My Honest Review


So, what am I going to tell you today? No, it’s not about PC’s or anything related to them! It’s a little bit of sales talk because I am recommending a product for my friends looking for a first class quality hosting for their would be websites/blogs.

Why I am writing this is because I love recommending products that I am using and finding good. Good if it makes some money too as I am sharing my true experience that would definitely help you in not burning your pcokets trying low qualtiy hosting here and there. I am advising something that can be probably tried risk free. The time that you save by reading this review is worth the money that I get in the form of some commission if you buy the recommended product from my affiliate link. I am sure that even if you research more about this hosting company you would find good reviews about them.

My experiences about HostGator Hosting are true and I am not doing it primarily for money sake. It’s really good and hence it is worth recommending.

My blog – is hosted with HostGator from more than one year and I never had any problems from their side.

I faced two problems and I found it really nice that HostGator gave me the support to understand and sort them out within few hours. The problems were not at their end. The issues that I face are explained:

1. When I took Baby Crocodile hosting costing at $9.95 per month, I somehow placed an extra dot while filling my domain name – in the form. The domain thus became (notice an extra dot) in HostGator records. This happened as I didn’t notice that there was no need of putting a dot in the domain name field in the form.

When I uploaded the files and could not access, I understood the problem from the screen shots that I had on my PC of filling the HostGator hosting form.

I contacted HostGator support via chat and the Support Executive got it sorted out from within minutes. Impressive!

2. The second problem was observed by me few months later and what was happening was that my site was not getting loaded properly – it was taking a lot of time and images were broken etc. All other sites were getting displayed properly on the same PC. Yes, I cleared my browser cache and deleted offline files and refreshed my browser and tried multiple browsers but was not getting displayed properly. I was worried as my blog visitors must be getting irritated and leaving my blog. When I pinged there were intermittent Request Timed Out (packet drops) and all other sites that I normally use –, were getting pinged properly.

I thought it to be a problem at HostGator end and thus sent an email to HostGator support at with my primary domain and the details of problem. Sending an email with the details was advised by the Support Executive on chat and the backend support team responded well within 24 hours showing screen shots of my site being reachable from all over the world without any issues.

It finally turned out to be some problem with my ISP – SIFY.

I have never seen any downtime so far with my blog hosted with HostGator in a period of about 20 months till today.

According to my experience, the most important factor while taking hosting is the support and I have myself tested it and found it excellent.

One can probably spend countless hours troubleshooting a website/blog problem at his/her end without any support from the Hosting Company.

Remember a hosting company has thousands of customers and it is always advisable to contact them if you are not able to solve a site related issue despite your best efforts (two of the problems are explained above). HostGator offers all the features that are needed for running different types of websites, Content Management Systems (CMS) and scripts:

- Fast servers with Linux or Windows OS
- Adequate storage compared to other hosting providers
- Sufficient Bandwidth (Data transfer) at par with other competitors
- Apache
- PHP (website design language)
- MySQL (Needed for database building and storage of records)
- CPanel (Control panel to administrate your hosting pack)
- Fantastico (Scripts for installing applications)
- Easy CMS installation from the HostGator CPanel
- Sub domains (Example: or
- Email accounts management and access etc.
- FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for uploading and downloading files
- Redirection
- File manager
- Comprehensive statistics (To track your site visitors)
- Error logs etc. (To troubleshoot a problem with your site/blog)
- Video tutorials (To help you understand everything important for your website hosting)

and above all quick and expert 24 hours support by chat or email depending on the problem. There are many other important hosting features that you will definitely find with HostGator hosting that will make your website and blog design and management easier.

HostGator has the best hosting facilities and offers top features for their hosting pack compared to other hosting companies. If you feel that I am boasting a lot, try searching it yourself. Even if some other new company is claiming to offer more features than HostGator at lower cost, I would not go with them as I also see the customer trust and market reputation of the hosting company. I will never go with a hosting company that is new and doesn’t have many customer reviews. I won’t go into the details of the HostGator hosting packs as you can find it out yourself by clicking the following link:

One of their clickable banners as I love posts with pictures:

banner468x68 HostGator Hosting   Is It Really Worth?   My Honest Review

Irrespective of the fact that you go for HostGator hosting or not, I wish your websites or blogs all the SUCCESS!

BTW – Do you know what gator stands for? It means amphibian reptile similar to crocodile. So, HostGator eats up all the hosting competition in the hosting market with best services for their customers.

If you buy HostGator hosting through my link, just let me know so that I can track it and also help you in best possible way from my hosting experiences. Drop me few details about your hosting and your contact at:

Let me know your experiences of hosting or drop me lines about this post.

Happy hosting!

Rajesh Mago

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5 Responses to “HostGator Hosting – Is It Really Worth? – My Honest Review”

SriMathe March 25th, 2009 at 6:26 am

Hey thanks for the post! Just to let people know, I found these hostgator coupons if anyone needs them:

rajeshmago April 16th, 2009 at 8:13 pm

@OIOIO: Thanks for commenting. My review of HostGator (HG) hosting is not twisted at all :) What ever I wrote are my true experiences with HG and worth sharing. Had it been negative, I would have written about it and discontinued my hosting. However, I don’t take any legal guarantee that everyone will have same experience with HostGator as me. I find no problems in happily recommending HostGator till day and this is why the review is positive and still there!

Jeremy May 11th, 2009 at 8:47 am

When you are talking about a host as big and popular as hostgator you will always find someone very happy, and someone very unhappy. You just can’t please everyone when you have so many customers all over the world. Glad you are relatively happy with them

One thing about them they do respond fast, and you can always find a coupon code for them.

1wtBlog June 30th, 2009 at 3:43 am

Great review! Very detailed nad helpful :)

One more thing about Hostgator support service – they are always available! Most of other hosting services are available 9am – 5pm Eastern time or Central time etc, but Hostgator is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

This is very important for me as I am in Asia, and I don’t want to have to wait until 8-10 PM just to get to talk to them about the problem.

The only setback to Hostgator is the price – $9.95 per month. You have to subscribe to bi-annual billing before you can enjoy some discounts (with the exception of the 20% coupon).

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