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Broad Must Consider Factors When Buying A Laptop!

Considering how much the laptop has improved over the past few years, it’s no wonder that so many people are thinking of buying a laptop, or have already done so.  There are several factors to consider when buying a laptop compared to desktops as former has more options available. This article provides five simple but major points that you must consider before purchasing a laptop.

Check Your Budget

Prices of laptop have definitely come down but since the parts are smaller compared to desktop, so laptops are still costlier than desktops for the same configuration. When planning to purchase a laptop, check how much you can afford according to your budget and do not overspend.  When you are sure that you have found the laptop that you want, do not immediately go for it.  Wait for a day and check over your finances, work expectations from laptop – its hardware and software configuration, and see if you are still as excited about the laptop in the morning, as you were when the Sales Executive was showing off its specifications.  If you still think that it is the laptop that you want to buy then purchase it.

Size And Weight Matters

Buying a laptop is a matter that requires a lot of thought as you don’t buy it every day.  You should also consider the size and weight of the laptop – another important factor especially for frequent travelers.  How frequently will you be carrying your laptop?  Your answer will help you in determining which size and weight will best suit your needs.  


If you will be carrying your laptop often, a lighter model will be more suitable.

Keyboard and Mouse

The keyboard is another important area to consider when buying a laptop as you cannot work on a laptop on which you are uncomfortable in typing due to keys and keyboard area being small. The size of the keyboard is important as a larger laptop will have a slightly bigger keyboard area with bigger keys and area for keys, without putting much pressure on your wrists. If you have bigger palm area and thick fingers, you must go for the laptop with more keyboard area and should also check the laptop keys by doing some actual typing on it.

A laptop will have a built in touch pad, an alternative to the mouse, whereby the pad is controlled by the user’s finger movement.  For some people, this type of pad is uncomfortable and not easy to work with.  Before purchasing a laptop, determine what mouse options are available.  Test each one and find out which one best meets your needs.

An external mouse and keyboard can be attached with USB ports of laptop but if you travel a lot then carrying external mouse and external keyboard can be an issue. By the way, there are foldable keyboards available that can be carried easily in your laptop bag.

Wireless Options

Today, when many people consider laptop, they think “wireless”.  People want to ascertain that their laptop computer will be able to let them work on the Internet with a wireless connection. Many of today’s laptops come with wireless Internet circuitry fitted in it. All you need to do is to get your wireless Internet activated from one of your wireless Internet Service Provider (ISP) and configure your laptop for same. So depending on your needs, choose your laptop whether it is capable of expanding with the option of a wireless card getting fit in it or if it is already fitted with wireless Internet facility.

Check for Ports

Peripheral equipment (devices at the edge or outside laptop) such as printer, camera, external keyboard, external mouse and external monitor etc. will be connected to your laptop through USB.  You will make your life much easier by ensuring that your laptop has adequate ports (>4).  Connecting external devices will be much simpler if you have the ports readily available on your new laptop. If you are not sure, thoroughly read the specifications for any laptop that you are considering purchasing.

Note: You can also buy an external USB hub and increase the number of USB ports of your laptop but this way you are increasing a device that needs to be carried and taken care of.


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